Universal Cleaning

Muzzle MateTM £19.46


Clamp it on and catch the mess!  Fastest and easiest way to clean all of your firearm barrels safely and eliminate the splatter.



  • Universal Muzzle Mate Cleaning Tool
  • Can be used on Rifles, Shotguns and Pistols
  • Completely Eliminates Mess

Bore Tech Patch Hog™


The FIRST, the ORIGINAL and still the BEST gun cleaning patch and solvent collection system on the market. Bore Tech's patented PATCH HOG™ simply slips over the muzzle of any firearm and eliminates the mess and odors associated with firearm cleaning. All your unwanted chemical splatter, offensive odors and dirty patches are captured in a reusable, plastic water/soft drink bottle. The PATCH HOG is Simple, Effective & Convenient.

Tipton® Patch Trap™


Cleaning the barrel on your rifle, shotgun or muzzleloader can be a messy choir. Solvent splatter, drips and dirty patches always seem to end up where you don’t want them. Strong solvents and powder residue can stain clothes and work surfaces. The Tipton® Patch Trap™ puts an end to the mess.


Its simple:

  • 1) Attach the patch trap to the muzzle of any gun
  • 2) Screw an empty water or soda bottle into the threaded end
  • 3) Dirty patches and solvent are safely and cleanly contained
  • 4) Dispose of used bottle

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