Solvents & Oils

Barricade® Rust Protection | 6oz


Barricade Rust Protection rapidly drives out moisture from metal pores and deposits a transparent protective coating which seals the surface. It’s the best way to protect your firearms from rust. Withstood 500 hours in ASTM humidity test and 96 hours in ASTM salt spray test. Barricade Rust Protection is also an excellent penetrant for loosening rusty or frozen parts, as well as a good lubricant and an effective bore cleaner. Take your pick of how you’d like to protect your firearms – with a variety of can options! It’s never been easier.


#33135 - Barricade Rust Protection, aerosol

Bore Scrubber® Foaming Gel | 11.5oz



Bore Scrubber Foaming Gel 2-in-1 Bore Cleaner quickly, easily and safely removes all types of fouling – carbon, powder, copper, lead and plastic wad residue. Contains no highly toxic ingredients and is safe for use on steel. Solvent clings to and penetrates neglected or fouled bores. Great for rifles, shotguns and handguns.


#33643 - Aerosol Can

Bore Scrubber® 2-in-1 Bore Cleaner | 10oz


This 2-in-1 solvent does it all! Attacks, dissolves and removes all types of barrel fouling including: lead, copper, plastic, carbon and powder fouling. Superior rust preventive additives provide long-term protection after cleaning. Contains no nitrobenzene, butyl cellosolve or other highly toxic ingredients. Safe, fast and easy to use. Great for rifles, shotguns and handguns.


#33640 - Bore Scrubber 2-in-1 Bore Cleaner, aerosol

Butch's Gun Oil | 4oz




Butch's Gun Oil is a high performance blend of several natural oils designed to withstand the heat and pressure of firearms use. Butch's oil also contains corrosion inhibitors for complete protection of Stainless steel and carbon steel barrels. Great to use as a final step after cleaning with Butch's Bore Shine. Contains no Teflon.

Butch's Bore Shine | 3.75oz, 8oz & 16oz

from £10.85


Non-abrasive solvent easily cleans out lead, copper, wax, and even shotgun wad plastic. Quickly strips carbon buildup in the throat area, and regular application of a few patches soaked with Butch’s during a match or shooting session will control copper fouling. Safe to use on all barrel steels; may be left in barrel overnight without harm.

JB Bore Cleaner | 2oz

J-B Bore Cleaner gets caked-in powder residue and copper jacket fouling out of barrels. This paste is non-embedding, which means it doesn't get stuck in the pores of the barrel.

J-B Bore Brite | 2oz

J-B Bore Brite is a micro-fine paste compound that works as both a cleaner and a final polish. Regular use gives your barrel a mirror-like finish that helps prevent build-up of copper and carbon fouling. J-B Bore Brite liquifies during use to quickly remove fouling and powder residue in rifle and handguns, and plastic deposits in shotgun bores. Regular use between strings minimizes fouling accumulation and maintains accuracy.

Shooters Choice Xtreme Clean Bore Solvent | 12oz £14.85

The one and only ammonia free aerosol bore cleaner forumulated for the care and maintenace of rifles and handguns.


  • Ammonia Free
  • Non-Abrasive - harmless to the bore surface
  • Fast acting
  • Covenient to use aerosol
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Conditions bore for impact accuracy on first shot
  • Seasons bore to resist fouling build up
  • Maintains accuracy in new firearms
  • Restores accuracy in old firearms
  • Prolongs barrel life


Copper, Lead, Carbon, Powder

Shooters Choice Extra Strength Copper Remover | 8oz





  • Faster acting
  • Better value (compare with the competition)
  • Restores accuracy in old or neglected firearms
  • Easy to use


Copper, Lead, Carbon, Powder

Shooters Choice Polymer Safe QuickScrub | 12.5oz




  • Completely safe to use on polymers, plastics, synthetic stocks, bluing, Teflon, paint, camouflage, and wood finishes
  • Will not harm delicate optics or sights
  • No disassembling necessary
  • Quickly evaporates
  • Actions perform smoother (even in cold weather)



Dirt, Grease, Powder fouling, Oil, Grime, Soft carbon

Shooters Choice  FP-10 Lubricant Elite | 4oz




Recomended Uses:

  • Firearms
  • Fishing Tackle
  • Marine
  • Sports Equipment
  • Auto
  • Industrial
  • Shop
  • Household

Shooters Choice Synthetic All-Weather High-Tech Gun Grease | 10cc £7.50

Engineered to meet the most demanding needs for firearm lubrication and protection.


  • Odourless (for the hunter)
  • Clings to metal surfaces
  • Doesn't fly off full autos
  • Doesn't gum-up
  • Doesn't wash off with water
  • Doesn't melt when hot
  • Doesn't stiffen when cold


Operating Temp:

-45° F to +500° F

Kano Kroil - Back IN STOCK

Kroil's unique, proprietary molecular architecture creates an affinity to metal that guarantees swift penetration, while maintaining a molecular structure capable of breaking bonds at the first molecular level. This unique molecular architecture was chemically engineered in the laboratory based on research which defined the interdisciplinary physical, electrical, mechanical and chemical properties which cause frozen metal parts. This research enabled Kroil to be chemically engineered to loosen frozen metal parts in every instance regardless of the cause. 


Keeping firearms clean and properly maintained will not only add to their service life and performance, but can also keep them shooting more accurate for longer. Kroil is a penetrating oil that has gained a large following for its quality performance when it comes to keeping a firearm in optimum condition. Kroil is adept at getting into the micro-crevices of some of the tougher firing residues found inside of the barrels of firearms and loosens them up to allow for quick and easy removal during the cleaning process.

Bore Tech C4 Carbon Remover

from £14.72

Bore Tech’s C4 Carbon Remover™ sets the standard for a high performance, cutting edge carbon cleaners that immediately begins to eliminate heavy carbon fouling without the safety hazards, harmful toxicity, and offensive odors typically found in competitive cleaners. Stubborn baked-on carbon fouling in rifle throats, AR bolt-tails and shotgun gas pistons are no match for the C4 Carbon Remover.

Bore Tech Eliminator

from £16.57

Bore Tech Eliminator™ Bore Cleaner is the premier, state of the art bore cleaner that has taken the shooting industry by storm. The revolutionary and patented formula is 100% barrel safe, biodegradable and easily outperforms the competition. Eliminator rapidly removes carbon and copper fouling without the safety hazards, and harmful toxicity.

Bore Tech CU+2 Copper Remover

from £14.72

Bore Tech Cu+2 Copper Remover™ uses a revolutionary and patented chemical technology that rapidly removes copper fouling and is 100% barrel safe, odor free and biodegradable. Cu+2 Copper Remover’s cutting edge formulation is ammonia free and removes heavy copper fouling faster than the competition without the safety hazards, harmful toxicity, and offensive odors found in petro-ammonia based solvents.


Simply put, Bore Tech’s Cu+2 Copper Remover works faster and better without the fear of barrel damage and the dreadful ammonia smell. After years of trying, this is the copper remover you’ll be buying.

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