Cleaning Rods

J Dewey Coated Cleaning Rods

The extremely tough nylon coating on these rods won’t scratch the delicate rifling of the finest match barrel and won’t peel off like many other vinyl coatings. Smooth turning, ball bearing handle and supplied with an Adapter for standard 8-32 male thread brushes and accessories (except .17 and 20 calibre rods which have 5-40 female threads). Plus, an extra-long Dewey Jag that takes a patch either wrapped-around, or over-the-end, and fits directly onto the rod’s male thread. The .17 and .20 calibre series rods do not require or include a brush adapter.

  • .22-6.5MM 1-Piece 36 Inches
  • .22-6.5MM 1-Piece 40 Inches
  • .22-6.5MM 1-Piece 44 Inches 
  • .270 & Up Calibre 1-Piece 36 Inches
  • .270 & Up Calibre 1-Piece 40 Inches
  • .270 & UP Calibre 1-Piece 44 Inches 
  • .35 Calibre 1-Piece 36 Inches 
  • .35 Calibre 1-Piece 44 Inches 
  • .50 Calibre 2-Piece 54 Inches
  • .50 Calibre 2-Piece 62 Inches
  • .17c 1-Piece 18 Inches (5-40 thd)
  • .17c 1-Piece 26 Inches (5-40 thd)
  • .17c 1-Piece 36 Inches (5-40 thd)
  • .20c 1-Piece 32 Inches (5-40 thd)
  • .20c 1-Piece 38 Inches (5-40 thd)
  • .20c 1-Piece 42 Inches (5-40 thd)

J Dewey Copper Eliminator Series

If you are wanting a Nylon Coated Dewey Rod but are using a heavy copper eliminating solvent then the Copper Eliminator Series Rods are for you. The Copper Eliminator rods have the same extremely thick nylon coating that our other rods have but instead of a brass ferrule they come with an aluminum ferrule. These rods are 8-32 female ended and accept Dewey standard 8-32 male Copper Eliminator Brushes and Copper Eliminator Jags.

The Copper Eliminator Rods do not in anyway remove copper easier but instead they will allow you to not get a false positive reading when using a heavy copper eliminating solvent.


All rods are of one-piece construction unless otherwise stated.

  • .22-6.5MM 1-Piece 36 Inches 
  • .22-6.5MM 1-Piece 40 Inches
  • .22-6.5MM Calibre 1-Piece 44 Inches
  • .270 & Up Calibre 1-Piece 36 inches 
  • .270 & Up Calibre 1-Piece 40 Inches
  • .270 & Up Calibre 1-Piece 44 Inches

Pro-Shot Stainless Steel Cleaning Rods

Pro-Shot Products has taken extra steps in their manufacturing process to build some of the finest cleaning rods in the world. Each Pro-Shot cleaning rod has a hard, dense, mirrorlike finish that prevents the rods from picking up abrasive grit or dirt and carrying it into your bore. Pro-Shot burnishes (micro polish) every rod in addition to their centerless grinding process.

These rods are extremely strong and will last for years. The stainless steel handles the harsh chemical reaction that many of today’s solvents have with some coated rods. Fitted with a comfortable machined, anodised aluminum handle. Rod lengths do not include handle. All rods (except for .17 and .20 calibre) are female threaded for 8-32 accessories including jags and brushes.

The .17 and .20 calibre rods have 5-40 threads.


  • .17 Calibre 1-Piece 32-1/2 Inches (5-40 thd)
  • .17 Calibre 1-Piece 38-1/2 Inches (5-40 thd)
  • .20 Calibre 1-Piece 36 Inches (5-40 thd)
  • .22-6.5MM 1-Piece 26 Inches
  • .22-6.5MM 1-Piece 36 Inches
  • .22-6.5MM 1-Piece 42 Inches
  • .270 & Up Calibre 1-Piece 26 Inches 
  • .270 & Up Calibre 1-Piece 36 Inches 
  • .270 & Up Calibre 1-Piece 42 Inches

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