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Forster 260 Remington Bench Rest Bullet Seater Die

SKU FORS-006011

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Forster Bench Rest Bullet Seater Dies

Help you target maximum performance. The secret to perfect alignment is holding the bullet, case, and seating stem in the same close-fitting chamber for the entire seating operation. Innovative, calibre-specific Die Chamber supports the entire outside diameter of the sized case, rather than just the bullet and case neck. (Most competing products support only the case rim.) Non-crimping style provides accuracy, consistency, and perfect alignment. (Exception: 30-30 calibre Die does crimp.) Seating stems supplied with our standard seaters have plenty of clearance to allow any bullet to be seated off the ogive and not the tip, compatible with even special bullet needs such as those encountered during the loading of most very low drag (VLD) bullets. Forster Products offers two styles of Bench Rest Seater Dies: Bench Rest Seater Die First die of its kind on the market and is still the best straight-line Seater Die available.

Technical Information


Case Hardened Steel

Die Types Included:

Benchrest Bullet Seater Die

Notes: Shellholder Not Included