Primer Pocket Uniformers

K & M Primer Pocket Correction Tool

Now with an improved drive shank that will lock into your cordless screw driver chuck.

Large Rifle cutter is set to .131" depth.

Small Pistol & Rifle cutter is set to .122" depth

Redding Primer Pocket Uniformer

Redding Primer Pocket Uniformers are precision ground carbide tools with five cutting flutes for smooth, flat uniforming of the bottom of the primer pocket. The shoulder ground in the carbide tool bit holds the depth of cut constant and to SAAMI specifications. Uniformers are available for large rifle pockets and small rifle/small pistol pockets. Each uniformer comes in a kit with the uniformer bit, a Redding accessory handle and a one fourth inch hex power screwdriver adapter.

09100 Redding Primer Pocket Uniformer, Large

09105 Redding Primer Pocket Uniformer, Small

Sinclair 800 Series Uniformers

The Sinclair 8000 Series Uniformers are precision ground from one solid piece of tungsten carbide, so there is no need to worry about changing the depth of cut. These cutters will cut the primer pocket to a uniform depth and also square the bottom of the pocket in relationship to the case head.

Uniformers are available in five sizes, one for large rifle, small rifle and/or small pistol, large pistol primer pockets, PPC/BR primer pockets, and BMG primer pockets. Illustration shown with optional handle.

RCBS Primer Pocket Uniformers

Primer Pocket Uniformers are manufactured with carbide cutters, and serve to true up the primer pocket wall and bottom. May be used with an RCBS Accessory handle or with the RCBS Brass Boss.

Small Rifle Tool

Large Rifle Tool

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