Decapping Dies

LEE Decapping Die

Lee Decapping Die, no cleaning or lubing of cases necessary. Even removes crimped primers. Fits cases up to .560" in diameter and up to 3.125" long.




Hornady Universal Decapping Die

Hornady’s new Universal decapping die is designed for decapping cartridge cases prior to sizing them. Its tough decapping rod has no problems decapping even tough crimped military cartridge cases. Works with 223 Remington and larger cartridges. NOT for use with Berdan primed cases.



RCBS Decap Die

Use RCBS® Decapping dies to quickly remove primers from cases prior to cleaning.


87580 - Suitable for .22c - .25c

87585 - Suitable for .270c - .45c

Redding Universal Decapping Dies

Decapping dies allow you to deprime and clean your cases prior to sizing.

The small decapping die will handle 22 thru 50 calibre cases with lengths up to 2.625”. An optional decapping rod for this die is designed to work with all 17 calibre cases and will accommodate the small .060” flash holes found on the BR and PPC cases.
For longer case lengths up to 3.0” use the large decapping die.

Note: the Large die will not accommodate a neck diameter of less than .25 calibre.


69100 - Small Decapping die

69200 - Large Decapping die

69500 - Decapping die kit - includes both dies & .17 rod

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