LE Wilson Chamfer & Deburring Tool | .17 Cal - .45 Cal

The mouth of all cases should be deburred after trimming or neck turning. This tool is double-ended with standard 45 degree flutes that debur and chamfer the inside and outside mouth of the case. Can be used with a Deburring Tool Holder to attach the tool to a cordless drill or powered screwdriver. Will fit case mouths ranging from .17 calibre to .45 calibre, Rifle or Handgun.

LEE Chamfer & Deburring Tool

Lee Chamfer tool chamfers and deburs inside and outside of case necks. Also used to remove the crimp from primer pockets.

RCBS VLD Deburring Tool with Handle

The increasing popularity of VLD style bullets has led RCBS to offer a 22 degree VLD Debur tool. The 22 degree angle allows the bullet to be seated into the case without damaging the boat-tail and tuining accuracy. The VLD debur tool can be used as is, attached to a RCBS Accessory Handle or mounted on the Trim Mate Case Prep Center. Deburring tool is also available to purchase without a Handle.

Sinclair Chamfer & Deburring Tool | .17/20 Cal

The new Sinclair 17 and 20 calibre flash hole deburring tool utilizes stainless steel neck pilots to index off of the case mouth to ensure case -to -case uniformity of chamber depth. Will not work with neck pilots larger than 20 calibre. Pilots sold separately.

Sinclair Carbide Deburring Tool | VLD

This chamfering tool features a removable 28 degree carbide cutter. Intended to prepare cases for VLD or boat tail bullets, but works fine for flat base bullets. Also works great on lead bullets - will not shave the base. When prepping large volumes of cases we use the power adapter in with a powered screwdriver or slow speed cordless drill. Will work on 14 calibre thru 45 calibre cases. Also available mounted in a larger Sinclair accessory handle.

Sinclair Casemouth Deburring Tool Holder

Remove burrs from your cases efficiently with the Sinclair Deburring Tool Holder and your case mouth deburring tool. Use in a drill or powered screwdriver to quickly debur your case mouths. The stainless steel holder will work with L.E. Wilson deburring tools, current Forster and RCBS deburring tools.

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