Case Trimmers

LEE Case Trimmer

The Lee Case Length Gauge and Cutter & Lock Stud is the simplest way to check the case and trim to the correct safe length.

After a case has been loaded a few times, it will stretch beyond maximum length and must be trimmed. The Cutter & Lock Stud works for most calibres. The cartridge specific Case length Gauge (Pilot) and shell holder must be ordered for each calibre. Trim cases by hand or use with a cordless drill to trim. Eliminates the danger of long cases. Squares the mouth for more accurate bullet seating and exit.

LEE Deluxe Quick Case Trimmer

The Lee Deluxe Quick trim case trimmer quickly and precisely trims your brass to the correct length at the same time it chamfers the inside and outside of the case mouth. No calipers, measurement or adjustment is required simply install the appropriate quick trim die in your press and start trimming.


A click adjustable stop allows trim length adjustment in .001 of an inch increments. This allows the user to shorten the case to a uniform shorter length than standard reducing the trimming frequency. Includes snap on chip catcher.

Redding Model 2400 Case Trimming Lathe | Micrometer Adjustable £198.55

This case trimmer has all the same great features as the standard Redding Trimmer with the addition of a case length micrometer and push button chuck lock. The 2400 trimmer also utilises a new extended cast iron frame which enables it to handle the lastest long action cartridges and longer old time classic as well. Trims cases up to three and one fourth in length.

The micrometer is easy to read and makes quick and precise case length adjustments in increments of .001 inch. Redding's push button chuck lock simplifies case loading and unloading and faciliates perfect alignment of the case between the collet and pilot. Includes six case pilots - .22 cal, 6mm, .25 cal, .270 cal, 7mm, and and .30 calibre, two neck cleaning brushes .22 thru .30 cal and Large and small primer pocket cleaners.

Redding Model 1400-XT Case Trimming Lathe - £114.49

Redding's collet style trimmer is unique in that the case turns while the cutter remains stationary (like a lathe works). The trimmer is built around a cast iron frame and is long enough to handle all of the new long action cartridges. The TiN coated cutter produces clean and accurate cuts. The universal collet fits all popular rifle and pistol cases, eliminating the need to buy other sizes. The trimmer comes with 6 pilots; .22 cal, 6mm, .25 calibre, .277 calibre, 7mm, and .30 calibre It also comes with two neck cleaning brushes (.22 thru .30 calibre) and large and small primer pocket cleaners. Pilots for additional calibres are available.

RCBS Trim Pro II Manual Case Trimmer Kit - £163.86

The popular Trim Pro II case trimmer has been improved with the addition of a spring-loaded universal shell holder. The spring loaded shell holder securely locks the case in alignment with the cutter. The trimmer is designed for .001" accuracy. Course and fine trim length adjustments. Fine adjustment bushing features .001" micrometer markings. The spring-loaded shell holder will accommodate case head diameters from .250" to .625 rims. Case fit is from the 5.7x28mm to the long range .338 Lapua Magnum.

Possum Hollow Quick Case Trimmer

The Possum Hollow Kwick Case Trimmer is one of the most handy and unique hand-held case trimmers on the market. It is unique as the trimmer indexes from the datum of the cartridge case shoulder eliminating the need for additional shellholders or pilots. The optional power adapter (sold separately) turns the unit into a powered trimmer when it is attached to a cordless drill.

L.E. Wilson Stainless Steel Case Trimmer - £94.50

The legendary L.E. Wilson Case Trimmer has just gotten better. Exclusive to Sinclair International, the L.E. Wilson Case Trimmer is now offered in a Stainless Steel model. We’ve paired the most accurate trimmer in the world with our Sinclair Micrometer head to create the Sinclair Stainless Ultimate Trimmer.

The L.E. Wilson Case Trimmer aligns and holds your cases square to the cutter during the trim process. This results in a virtually identical trim length for each case. It is accomplished with L.E. Wilson’s unique case holder system which holds the case by the body taper. The trimmer case holder, cutter housing, and micrometer adjustment unit sit in perfect alignment. No pilots or collets are utilised which could influence the trim results negatively. Now in stainless steel, the L.E. Wilson Trimmer is built to last for a lifetime of use.


*Case Holders and other accessories sold separately.







L.E. Wilson Case Trimmer shown with Case Trimmer Stand and Clamp



Sinclair Case Trimmer Platform - £45.80


The platform is a mounting board for the L.E. Wilson case trimmer and provides storage space for nine (9) case holders and a tapping block for knocking the cases out of the holder. The polyethylene platform has rubber feet, but if you prefer it can be    c-clamped to the bench.

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