Case Neck Turning

Hornady Lock-N-Load Neck Turning Tool

The new Hornady® Neck Turn Tool saves hand loaders time and effort at the workbench. Designed for use on a wide variety of case lengths, the Hornady® Neck Turn Tool allows for the use of a cordless drill to make neck turning faster and easier, while providing superior consistency and surface finish. An adjustment knob enables the user to choose detents for .0005” adjustment increments, or no detents for infinite adjustment.

Each neck turn tool will come with a 22 cal, 6mm, 6.5mm, and 30 cal mandrel.

The Hornady® Neck Turn tool is a winning solution for precision hand loaders who want to maximize their case care productivity.

K & M Micro-Adjustable Case Neck Turning Tool

The K&M Neck Turner has a very unique cutter adjustment mechanism that allows for a very precise cutter adjustment. This design incorporates very fine pitched threads of a screw within a screw concept which yields 0.002” cutter advance for each rotation of the adjustment nut. As a point of reference and comparison a micrometer advances the spindle 0.025” for every revolution of the thimble. There are etched markers on the neck turner body around the circumference of the cutter adjustment screw hole placed every 30 degrees radially and as a reference there is one punch mark on the face of the adjustment nut. When the adjustment nut is rotated one increment the cutter advancement is 0.0002”.

To properly combat the formation of a doughnut the neck should be turned so the cut ends slightly into the shoulder. 





Shown with:


Neck Turner Body

Neck Turning Mandrel

Case Holder Power Adapter

Power Adapter Handle







Shown with:


Neck Turner Body

Case Holder Power Adapter

Neck Turning Mandrels  Carbide Neck Turning Mandrels 
.17 Calibre .17 Calibre
.20 Calibre .20 Calibre
.22 Calibre .22 Caliber
.25 Calibre .25 Calibre
6.5MM 6.5MM
.270 Calibre 270 Calibre
.308 Calibre .308 Calibre
.311 Calibre .311 Calibre
.338 Calibre .338 Calibre
.375 Calibre  

K & M Expand Iron Complete

Virgin/competition Brass isn't quite ready to Neck Turn when you buy it. And the commercial die manufacturers have no set standards for the Expander button in their dies. Large variations from manufacturing to manufacturing and even within a given manufacturing makes it necessary to properly size the inside diameter before turning. Don't be fooled by slick talk. The turning pilot cannot be used to correctly expand the case neck because of the elasticity of the brass; it will spring" back and be too tight for proper Neck Turning. The 7/8-14 Threaded Adapter fits your Normal Reloading press and the interchangeable Mandrels are sized to be the perfect companion to the K&M Micro-Adjustable Case Neck Turner. The Expand Mandrels will iron out (smooth) and slightly expand the case neck so the brass will spring back to the correct size needed to neck Turn your Pet Brass.






Shown with 7/8x14 threaded Press Adapter

Expand Iron Mandrels  
.17 Calibre .270 Calibre
.20 Calibre 7MM
.22 Calibre .30 Calibre
6MM .311 Calibre
.25 Calibre 8MM
6.5MM .338 Calibre



K & M Expand Mandrel Window Riser


The Expand Mandrel Window Riser is a simple device that brings the case neck expanding above the press and allows for full visual of the operation through a viewing window. Fits most reloading presses threaded to accept 7/8x14.

Sinclair Premium Neck Turning Tool

The NT-4000 Premium Neck Turning Tool is the finest, easiest to adjust, most accurate and comfortable to use hand neck turning tool available. Sinclair's Premium Tool employs an eccentric mechanism (not an eccentric mandrel) for quick cut depth adjustments which are accurate to .0001 inch with our carbide mandrels. The click adjustable cutter adjustment knob moves the cutter in either direction in .0002 inch to .00025 inch per click increments. Depth of cut can be adjusted a total of .004-.005 inch using the laser engraved adjustment knob. The Premium Tool comes with three laser marked feeler gauges which are used to quickly set the cutter depth to the approximate range of the cut desired, and a mandrel adjustment screw is included to make mandrel set up and adjustment easier. with the cutter in range using the feeler gages, the eccentric adjustment knob will make final adjustment for the exact cut thickness you desire. Cutter adjustment is very fast and sure with none of the usual trial and error experienced with other tools. The ergonomic shape of the tool body makes it very comfortable to use and much less fatiguing over a long neck turning session.

SS Turning Mandrels SS Expander Mandrels Carbide Turning Mandrels
17 Calibre 17 Calibre 17 Calibre
20 Calibre 20 Calibre 20 Calibre
22 Calibre 22 Calibre 22 Calibre
25 Calibre 25 Calibre 25 Calibre
6.5MM 6.5MM 6.5MM
270 Calibre 270 Calibre 270 Calibre
30 Calibre 30 Calibre 30 Calibre
338 Calibre 338 Calibre 338 Calibre

*SS = Stainless Steel

Sinclair Model 1500 Neck Turning Tool

The Sinclair NT-1500 Neck Turning Tool’s ergonomic exterior is a slightly scaled down version of the premium model and features fine (80 threads per inch) adjustment on the cutter depth screw. The adjustment screw is engraved with hash-marks for easy fine-tune adjustment. Each mark on the adjustment screw corresponds to an approximate 0.001" change in cutting depth (0.00104" to be exact), making it extremely easy to adjust well within 0.0005" of a specific neck wall diameter.

  • Fine cutting depth adjustment (0.001” Adjustments)
  • High speed tool steel cutter
  • Hard coat anodized finish


The NT-1500 utilizes the same high speed tool steel cutter as our other neck turning tools. Accepts all Sinclair Mandrels .17 thru 338.

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