Case Lube

Understanding the purpose of Case Lubricant, and how it should be implemented in the reloading process, is essential for a Handloader to be successful. When used correctly, a high-quality Case Lube will prevent a host of frustrating problems and make the endeavor much easier and more enjoyable. Use of improper lubricants will result in a multitude of problems, some of which include: stuck cases, difficulty resizing, etc.

Hornady One Shot® Case Lube

One Shot® Case Lube with DynaGlide Plus® technology is a micro-penetrating high pressure dry film. It contains no petroleum, teflon or other synthetic silicone so it will not contaminate powder or primers.


5 oz. Aerosol Item #9991     £12.25

10 oz. Aerosol Item #99913     £18.95

Imperial "Bio-Green" Case Lubricant


Lubricating cases for sizing and forming has always been a petroleum-based effort. Redding now introduces a new plant based sizing lube which is highly effective, completely bio-degradable and totally renewable. Imperial Bio Green Case Lubricant sets a new standard for pad applied resizing lubricants.

Imperial Bio Green Case Lubricant can be used on any pad type lubricant applicator and provides superior lubrication capabilities. It will not stain your brass and offers easy water cleanup making it perfect for use with ultrasonic case cleaners.

Redding Imperial Sizing Die Wax


For use inside and outside the case neck to reduce drag on both the die and size button without concern of powder contamination.


Available in 1 oz. & 2oz. 

Redding Imperial Dry Neck Lube


For use inside and outside the case neck to reduce drag on both the die and size button without concern of powder contamination.

1 oz.

Redding Application Media


The easy way to apply dry neck lube to case necks.  Simply dip the cartridge case neck into the ceramic media. The media consists of high density ceramic spheres that are pre-charged with Imperial Dry Neck Lube. Can be used with all cartridge cases including .17 calibre.

LEE Case Lube


Lee Resizing Lube eliminates stuck and dented cases, makes sizing less work. Non-sticky, non-allergenic, and can be thinned with water.

RCBS Case Lube-2


This excellent non-toxic lubricant is water soluble and wipes off easily with no sticky residue. Use it with RCBS® Lube Dies or Case Lube Pad.


Redding Case Lube Kit


The most popular way to properly lubricate

cases for resizing and case forming.

The bottom side of the pad includes non-skid

feet so it won’t skate all over your bench

when you are using it. Kit now includes a 2

oz. plastic bottle of Imperial Bio-Green.

RCBS Case Lube Kit-2


Properly clean and lube cases for resizing the simple way with this complete kit. It includes the RCBS® Case Lube Pad, a 2-ounce bottle of Case Lube—2 and two interchangeable Case Neck Brushes for 22 through 30 calibre.

Redding Case Neck Brushes


Clean dirt and powder residue from inside case necks with the Redding case neck brushes. Three nylon bristle brushes are available: small brush for .22 to .25 calibre, medium brush for .270 to .30 calibre, and large brush for .35 to .45 calibre.

Redding Case Preparation Kit


All the tools you need in one package for removing dirt and powder residue from the inside of case necks and primer pockets.
Kit comes complete with accessory handle, large and small primer pocket cleaners and three (3) case neck brushes to  handle all cartridges from .22 thru .45 calibre.

RCBS Case Neck Brushes


Clean dirt and powder residue from inside necks and simultaneously lubricate for expansion with the RCBS® case neck brushes. Three nylon bristle brushes available: small brush for 22 to 25 calibre, medium brush for 270 to 30 calibre, and large brush for 35 to 45 calibre.

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