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Berger Target Bullets 284 Calibre 7MM (0.284" diameter) 175 Grain XLD VLD Boat Tail 100/Box


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Berger's Target XLD bullets are the perfect bullet for the reloader looking for great performing, consistent, accurate long range bullets. The XLD design is one of the latest bullets designed by Berger. As the name implies, these bullets offer an extreme low drag design that boosts the ballistic coefficient so the bullet will be less affected by wind and will typically shoot flatter than flat base bullets of the same weight. The Extreme Low Drag design does mean that this bullet is very long so reloaders need to make sure the extra length will work for their desired application. Target bullets are designed primarily for target shooting but are also effective on larger varmints.

Calibre 7MM
Diameter (Inches) 0.284
Bullet Weight 175gr
Bullet Style Target XLD Boat Tail
Ballistic Coefficient G1 0.658
Ballistic Coefficient G7 0
Sectional Density 0.310
Package Quantity 100/Box