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Alliant Reloder® TS 15.5 Smokeless Rifle Propellant, 1 Pound

SKU ALLI-151000

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  • Handload heavy bullets with better precision than ever before. New Alliant Powder® Reloder® TS 15.5 delivers all of the proven performance for which the Reloder family of powders is known, with superior temperature stability. The result is extremely consistent velocities across the temperature spectrum.

      • New intermediate burn speed between Reloder 15 and Reloder 16
      • World-class temperature stability
      • Ideal for loading heavy bullets in 308 Win. and 223 Rem.
      • Enhanced velocity in 6mm wildcats versus Reloder 15
      • Contains de-coppering agent
      • Broad application range
      • Excellent lot-to-lot consistency
      • REACH compliant

        Principal Purpose: Medium rifle
        Secondary Uses: 308 Winchester and 223 Remington

        Outstanding temperature stability

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