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PRICING UPDATE: Global supply disruption may impact availability.
PRICING UPDATE: Global supply disruption may impact availability.

Dewey 1-Piece Nylon Coated Cleaning Rod .22 to 6.5MM, 44 Inches 8x36 Thread


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Dewey offer Nylon Coated, Stainless Steel and Brass Cleaning rods. Their ball bearing handle design has been one of the most recognisable in the industry and is sought after all over the world by all types of shooters. Their nylon coating is the thickest on the market and many have tried to duplicate the process but have not been successful.

All cleaning rods are of one-piece construction unless otherwise stated and all listed rod lengths do not include the handle assembly.

Product Specifications

  • Nylon-Coated (.205/.210 O.D.)
  • .22 to 6.5MM Calibre
  • 44 Inch
  • 8 x 36 Male Threads
  • Comes with 22J Brass Jag and SMBA Brush Adapter

Be Aware: TM Solution and Montana X-Treme Copper Killer bore cleaners have been found to react with the nylon coating on Dewey nylon coated rods. Dewey strongly recommend not using these solutions with their nylon coated rods.
If you plan on using these cleaners, you may wish to consider using a brass or stainless steel rod.

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