Redding Model 1400-XT Case Trimming Lathe

The Model #1400-XT Case Trimming Lathe uses a cast iron frame that has been extended to handle all the latest long action cartridges. The frame is cast iron because it is a perfect bearing surface, will not wear out and will maintain its precision and alignment for years of service.

This case trimmer was designed using precision lathe principles. The TiN coated cutter is held stationary while the case is turned; this produces cases that are perfectly square, resulting in increased accuracy from your handloads

Redding Model 2400 Match Precision Case Trimming Lathe

The most noteworthy feature of the Model #2400 Case Trimming Lathe is the new Micrometer which adds precision and repeatability to the case length adjustment. Changes as little as .001" can be easily "dialed in". The innovative new push button chuck lock simplifies loading and unloading while facilitating perfect alignment of the case and pilot. The design of the new push button chuck lock, combined with the extended cast iron frame of the Model #1400-XT, increases case length capacity; accommodating not only the latest long action cartridges but old time classics as well.

Redding Model #2 Bullet & Powder Scale

Designed and manufactured with the utmost attention to accuracy and sensitivity standards. The Model 2 scale includes a magnetic dampened beam swing for extra fast readings plus, hardened and ground knife edges ride in precision milled stainless steel bearing seats that will not crack, chip or lose their alignment.

The graduated plate at the beam pointer is marked in 1/10 grain increments for easy reading of over or under charges. This eliminates the need to move the counterpoises to check powder charge variations.

Every Redding scale manufactured is still individually tested and adjusted to U.S. Bureau of Standards Approved Master Weights, and guaranteed accurate to less than 1/10 grain!

Redding Model #3 Powder Measure

The original Redding Model 3, time proven for accuracy and reliability. It has a micrometer metering chamber right in front for easy setting and reading. With this micrometer it is possible to record your favorite settings and return to the same place weeks later when you wish to create the same load. Precision machined cast iron to give you years and years of service.

The hand honed fit between the frame and hard surfaced drum enables all Redding Powder Measures to easily cut and meter even the most difficult powders

 Arbor press


The Arbor Press was designed specifically for use with hand dies, both in the field and on your workbench. It does not need to be clamped down for use. This arbor press features quality construction throughout and fits easily into your reloading box for trips to the range. Constructed with a solid stainless steel post and featuring a stainless steel rack and pinion design, the Sinclair arbor press functions flawlessly with all neck sizing and bullet seating hand dies. Ratchet style height adjustment knob allows easy raising and lowering of the press head position. The Sinclair Press is also sold as part of a complete hand die reloading kit. This press is not intended for use with full length resizing dies.Shown with Wilson inline dies.

Wilson Neck Dies
The neck dies are designed so the user can control and or change the amount of neck sizing the cartridge case receives. The dies use interchangeable sizing bushings that size the outside of the case neck. The conventional expander is eliminated, improving concentricity and prolonging brass life. The die is used with an arbor press. All Wilson neck dies size the neck to 3 sixteenths inch from the mouth end, a practice many shooters prefer. Bushings are not included. Dies include a decapping rod.

Wilson Inline Bullet Seater
The Wilson chamber type bullet seater is a favorite among benchrest shooters. A chamber type bullet seater positively controls both bullet and cartridge case alignment. The case and bullet are completely captured by the die prior to the bullet being pushed straight into the case by a close-fitting seating stem. This style of bullet seater works more accurately than a conventional 7/8 inch to 14 bullet seating die. This is one of the most accurate bullet seaters ever made! The Wilson chamber type bullet seater is a favorite among benchrest shooters. A chamber type bullet seater positively controls both bullet and cartridge case alignment. The case and bullet are completely captured by the die prior to the bullet being pushed straight into the case by a close-fitting seating stem. This style of bullet seater works more accurately than a conventional 7/8 inch to 14 bullet seating die. This is one of the most accurate bullet seaters ever made!

 Wilson Stainless Case Trimmer

shown with optional Clamping Mount available separately

This trimmer is unique, compared to most, because of the way the case is held during the trimming operation. Correct alignment is assured since the cartridge case is supported by the case body in holders which simulate a rifle chamber. Cases are trimmed squarely regardless of offset heads or varying neck diameters. The positive stop assures uniform length. Cases are held in the holders by their body taper; just drop the case in the holder and tap the case head end on a hardwood block. Remove the case by tapping the mouth on the block. Cartridges with little or no body taper may require different holders for fired and new cases. If neither type is specified we will send holders for fired cases. The trimmer may also be used for removing military primer crimps by adding optional tooling. A power adapters for drills or power screwdrivers is available as an option. The trimmer is best held in a vise, or mounted on a Trimmer Mount sold separately.

Micrometer for Wilson Case Trimmer

The Micrometer Attachment can be purchased separately for those reloaders that already own a Wilson Trimmer. It is easy to install and zero on your Wilson Case Trimmer. The micrometer has clear, crisp engravings and can be locked in place after being set. It is adjustable in increments of .001 inch and can be adjusted to handle cases ranging from a 22 Hornet to a 416 Rigby. The Micrometer attachment makes adjusting your Wilson trimmer a couple seconds process instead of the trial and error adjusting process experienced with most other case trimmers.

Wilson Rifle Case Holders

Wilson rifle case holders enable reloaders to trim rifle cases using the Wilson Trimmer. Available for most standard cartridges.

Wilson Cartridge Case Gauges

The most important use of a cartridge case gage is for setting up 7/8"-14 press type full length resizing dies. A common error in reloading is to oversize your brass. Head space of fired cases can quickly and accurately be measured using this tool and a pair of dial calipers.
This one piece gage will check overall length to indicate need for trimming, datum to head length to assure correct head space and to prevent over sizing. Available for most popular rimless cases.

Wilson Deburring Tool

The Wilson Case Mouth Deburring Tool is a 45-degree double-ended tool that deburs/chamfers the inside and outside edge of the case mouth. All cases should be deburred when new, after case trimming, and after neck turning. This tool will handle cases from .17 caliber to .45 calibre.

Deburring Tool Holder

Remove burrs from your cases efficiently with the Deburring Tool Holder and your case mouth deburring tool. Use in a slow speed drill or power screwdriver to quickly debur your case mouths. Machined from stainless steel, this holder will work with Wilson and RCBS deburring tools.

Bullet Comparator

The Bullet comparator attaches to the blade of your caliper and uses inserts for each caliber. The inserts are stainless steel and are machined with a taper and a short straight section to more accurately duplicate the rifle chamber and eliminate the wobble found on some comparators with drilled holes. This design allows you to more quickly and accurately measure the bullet’s bearing surface length as well as the length of a loaded round to the bearing surface of the bullet. Comparator inserts are available in 17 through 45 calibre, and can also be used in the current Hornady and older Stoney Point comparator bodies. These inserts are not intended to measure rounds seated to magazine length or shorter. For this application ask for our Hex Nut type comparators. INSERTS SOLD SEPARATELY.

Hex Nut Type Bullet Comparator

Bullet Comparators enable the handloader to measure the bullet's ogive (or as close as possible) instead of measuring the tip. These gauges are extremely useful, since bullets in the same box will vary in length from base to tip, but usually will not vary much from base to ogive. Bullet comparators are invaluable when setting up seating dies. 

The holes in the Hex Nut version Bullet Comparators are cut with throating reamers to more accurately duplicate the actual throat of the rifle. The comparator is used with the dial calipers, and allows the reloader to accurately measure the length from the major diameter of the bullet to the case head. It also enables you to make accurate seating depth changes to your bullet seater. The Comparator does not attach to your calipers, so your calipers are free for other measurements. Machined from stainless steel.

There are two different sizes of the Hex Nut Comparators that cover bullets from .17 caliber to .338 caliber. The first model (09600) features holes bored and throated for .224, 6mm, .257, 6.5mm (.264), 7mm, and 308.
The second model (09700) has holes throated for .172, .204, .224, .270, .308, and .338.

Frankford Arsenal Quick-N-EZ Case Tumbler

The Frankford Arsenal Case Tumbler provides a quick, easy, and economical means to clean your brass. Used in conjunction with Frankford Arsenal Walnut and Corn Cob Medias, the Quick-N-EZ Case Tumbler removes fouling, lube, and oxidation quickly and conveniently. It will hold up to 600 9mm or 350 223 cases. (media available separately)


The Satern "NO STATIC" powder funnels are caliber specific and sit on the top of your cases without other support. The aluminum body is completely static free so powder flows into the case without bridging. They are suitable for use with smokeless and black powder, as the funnel will not cause static sparks.

Available for the following calibres:
.17 Ca, 20 Cal, .22 Cal, 6 mm, .25 Cal
6.5 mm, 270/6.8 mm, 7 mm, .30 Cal
8 mm, 338 Cal, .35 Cal, .375 Cal
44 Cal, .45 Cal, .458 Cal, 50 Cal

Also available as a universal funnel:
22-30 Cal.
30-50 Cal.